The Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales is a Level 3 qualification which will support learners to become effective, responsible, and active citizens ready to take their place in a sustainable global society and in the workplace.

It will promote learning inside and outside of the classroom with learners encouraged to choose areas of study which are of personal interest and linked to their future studies and careers.

There will be opportunities for learners to progress from the skills development at the heart of the Curriculum for Wales, and to engage with current and important issues as citizens of Wales and the world.

Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate

In 2021, we decided to discontinue the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate and create in its place a new qualification - the Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales.

This new qualification is a direct replacement for the current Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate and is aligned to the purposes of the Curriculum for Wales.


The new qualification will be available for first teaching from September 2023, with first certification in Summer 2025.

Qualifications Wales has been working closing with WJEC as they have developed the specification for the new qualification.

The specification and other key qualification documents are available on the WJEC website.

We encourage you to use the WJEC site to access the latest developments, supporting documents, resources and training for this qualification.

Skills Challenge Certificates

At Foundation and National levels, the Skills Challenge Certificate is the same size as a GCSE, and at Advanced level the Skills Challenge Certificate is the same size as an A level.  The Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate carries UCAS tariff points. 

To be awarded the Welsh Bacc, learners must achieve the SCC and the other qualifications that it specifies. The Welsh Bacc at each level is graded as a pass or fail. 

The Skills Challenge Certificate is a standalone qualification. It can still be achieved and awarded even without the other qualifications that make up the Welsh Bacc. The Skills Challenge Certificate is graded as follows: 

  • Foundation level 1 – Pass* and Pass 
  • National level 2 – A to C 
  • Advanced level 3 – A* to E

As part of our Qualified for the future project, we have been working with stakeholders to review the Skills Challenge Certificate at National/Foundation level.

Proposals regarding this qualification will be published in early 2023 as part of our consultation on the Full 14-16 Offer, where we have considered qualifications outside of the GCSE offer for 14 to 16-year-olds.

Further information

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales (from September 2023)

For key qualification documents, resources and training opportunities

Level 3 Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales | WJEC

Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications

Specifications, reports, delivery and administrative handbooks

You can also search on QiW for the qualification and click on the Performance and Curriculum Information: